Phone: 513-699-2275

Mitch Miller

Senior Real Estate Accountant


Mitch has over three and a half years of previous work experience in accounting and real estate where he focused on HOA/COA real estate accounting principles. In his role at Neyer Properties, Mitch oversees the land and development entities. He is responsible for all treasury management functions, preparation, and oversight of financials statements related to our land and development sites. He works closely with the development team to stay on pace with their budgets and manage their cash flows. He also oversees the treasury transactions and financial statement review for a few operating properties.

Mitch holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in accounting from Xavier University. He is also studying for his Master of Real Estate (MRE) at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.).

Additionally, Mitch is a former Junior Varsity Baseball Coach at Roger Bacon High School.