(Cincinnati, OH) One of Cincinnati”s largest office developments, Keystone Parke, is proceeding forward with the start of construction that can be seen from I-71 and Dana Avenue. Excavation is underway for the first phase, a four-story, 69,000 SF office building and public parking structure at the corner of Dana and Realistic Avenues. Future phases call for a seven-story, 160,000 SF office building, a 10-story, 240,000 SF office building and retail/restaurant facilities.

For the local community, involvement goes back seven years when Dan Neyer, President of Neyer Properties, began meeting with the Evanston Community Council for their input and support of the project. In 2000, Neyer Properties began acquiring properties one at a time, including five commercial buildings and 22 homes. “Although it has taken a tremendous amount of time and has been difficult at times, I am pleased with the approach we used with the acquisitions and the residents are appreciative of both our approach and the result,” says Dan Neyer. “We”re not just building the best office development in the region. We”re transforming an entire neighborhood, the Dana Avenue corridor, and creating an entirely new business district,” Neyer said. “Keystone Parke will enhance the property values, quality of life and standard of living for all the surrounding property owners and businesses.”

The Class A office Campus will be the region”s first and largest, privately owned GREEN office campus and LEED registered development. This means the buildings were designed with the latest eco-friendly amenities whcih benefit the building occupants and the surrounding community. There will be reduced demand on municipal services compared to typical office construction. Numerous environmental benefits also accompany green design and construction. Keystone Parke will create a positive public image and gain the support of companies with socially responsible policies.

The neighborhood of Evanston, the Cincinnati Parks Board and Cincinnati Recreation Commission will also benegit from a restored and expanded Evanston Playfield, located on the west side of the 7-acre Keystone Parke campus. Dirt from the excavation of the four-story, underground parking garage will be used to enhance the football and baseball fields. The park will also be re-graded to raise areas of the park that are currently unusable, setting the stage for a playground area and other amenities. The public parking garage will provide residents with a safe place to park their car while enjoying the park facilities. Neyer Properties has worked with the community to design a master plan to renovate the entire Evanston Playfield, including new walking trails and a renovated pool area. The plan will be implemented by the CRC and Cincinnati Parks Board with assistance from Neyer.

Construction of Phase I is expected to be complete in the spring of 2008.