Keystone GraphicGreen features of the $100 million Keystone Parke include underground parking, pedestrian access to an adjacent park; high-efficiency windows with outside views; a drip irrigation system and low-flow fixtures that reduce water consumption by 50 percent; and motion-detector lighting that adjusts light based on natural light penetration and movement in an office.

The interior utilizes bamboo flooring, which renews itself rapidly compared to typical wood products from mature trees. More than 30 percent of building materials were manufactured in this region, reducing transportation environmental impact.

Thirty percent of the building is made from recycled materials, and paints, sealants and carpeting do not have volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toxins that are released into the air over time and can adversely affect worker health.

Estimated energy use at Keystone Parke will be 25 percent less than offices built by standard building practices. These savings will be passed on to tenants.

Neyer Properties also purchased and then donated a piece of property that provided the adjacent park with additional land needed for soccer and football fields. The new park plan eliminates a sunken tennis court and proposes a new pool, walking trails, and play equipment.

Neyer Properties staff includes two LEED-accredited employees. The firm seeks LEED Silver certification for the building itself, with Gold certification for the Neyer Properties interior offices.