give backOn Friday, October 7th, Neyer Properties’ employees gave back to the Cincinnati community by helping Working In Neighborhoods (WIN) initiate its housing development efforts in Elmwood Place. The Elmwood Place City Council invited WIN to help increase homeownership in the village after becoming familiar with WIN’s work in other Hamilton County communities. Neyer Properties employees volunteered at 18 Linden Street by starting the demolition, doing exterior painting, carpentry and trash removal on the site. WIN will complete the renovation by the end of the year and sell the home to a first-time home owner.
“We are thrilled that Neyer properties continues to volunteer with Working In Neighborhoods,” said WIN Executive Director S. Barbara Busch. “Through our partnership, we are revitalizing communities like Elmwood Place by increasing homeownership.”

Neyer Properties believes that with success comes the responsibility to give back through volunteerism and donations to individuals and the community. Our success is accomplished through commitment, hard work, honesty and ethical business behavior.

Working In Neighborhoods empowers people to make informed choices for themselves and their neighborhoods through community building, home ownership, and economic learning.