Gateway 75

  • Project Type: Redevelopment
  • Project SF: 1,081,039 SF

About this Project

Gateway 75 is a distribution/manufacturing facility located just off of I-75 in Sharonville. At time of acquisition, Gateway 75 was the second-largest contiguous, available space in Greater Cincinnati. Upon purchasing the asset, Neyer Properties renovated the building with over $4 million in site and building improvements.

Improvements to the building included:

  • New dock doors installed to allow for cross-docking of the facility
  • Heavy-duty truck access connections installed to the new dock doors and the building’s rear truck court
  • Relocated and connected the existing flood protection levee system to eliminate the need for the on-site flood gates
  • Improved and expanded the stormwater retention areas
  • Updated the exterior paint to provide architectural character