Gorilla Glue/Lutz Tool

  • Project Type: Office/Industrial
  • Project Size: 47,560 SF

About this Project

Red Bank Expressway serves as a major connector between I-71 and U.S. 50. Several retail and office buildings adorned the expressway with the exception of a certain 12.5 acre lot. The under-served parcel was an eye-sore to the community and developers previously did not want to have anything to do with this sore spot.

All this changed when, in 2001, Neyer Properties purchased the weed-filled vacant piece of land from the City of Cincinnati.

There were several physical challenges Neyer Properties had to overcome with regards to this property. First and foremost, the land was considered a brownfield property and therefore may have had environmental contaminations. The site was also eight feet lower than Red Bank Expressway and had no access to the road.

Because the site was considered a brownfield property, Neyer was able to convince the city to lower its price per ace due to the environmental and soil conditions. Building a complex on a brownfield site reduces pressure on undeveloped greenfield sites. To address the drastic elevation change within the property, Neyer dug into the slope on the east side of the property to obtain fill to even out the topography. The city agreed to provide the traffic light and access into the property at their expense.

Built in 2002, the Gorilla Glue Company Headquarters was the first building constructed on the site. This $8.5 million building kicked off the $25 million development site known as Red Bank Crossing.