MLK Investors I is pleased to be selected by the Uptown Consortium as the preferred developer for the northeast quadrant of the Reading Road and Martin Luther King Jr. intersection, a key site in the Uptown Innovation Corridor. The formal arrangement was recently finalized with a preferred developer agreement (PDA) between MLK Investors I and the Uptown Consortium. MLK Investors I is a partnership between Neyer Properties and Kulkarni Properties.

MLK Investors I and Uptown Consortium worked together on the agreement to after collaborating on a vision and strategies for the quadrant.

“This agreement was the first critical step and gives MLK Investors the option to purchase the property after certain conditions are met,” said Shree Kulkarni, President of Kulkarni Properties. With this Agreement in place MLK Investors I can now actively market the site to potential end-users, providing to the Avondale community and the City the ability to attract the high quality jobs and world class development this area deserves and needs.

With the PDA executed, MLK Investors and Uptown can begin a full community engagement process to master plan the development site.

“The long term health of this development is directly related to the long term health of the surrounding communities and region, thus community engagement from the onset is critical,” said Dan Neyer, President and CEO of Neyer Properties. “Not only is community engagement something we want to do, and have done with all of our developments within the City, it’s something that we enjoy doing as this benefits all who are involved.

The northeast quadrant is an approximately 20 acre development site bound by I-71 to the east, Martin Luther King Drive to the south, Reading Road to the west, and Whitter to the north. The site is envisioned to be a $500 million dollar mixed-use Live-Work-Play development and integral part of the Innovation corridor spear headed by Uptown Consortium, Inc. This world-class, mixed-use development will be home to future-facing R&D facilities, while also providing office, retail, housing and hospitality uses, driving new jobs and growth for the City for years to follow.

The project development team for the northeast quadrant includes: Uptown Consortium, Inc., MLK Investors, Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation (ACDC), Avondale Community Council, the City of Cincinnati, Web Ventures and representatives from other related institutions.